Experience Salt Therapy at The Invigory in Charlotte, NC

Brian Daly The Invigory

December 17, 2020

Getting away from the daily stresses of modern life can be a challenge, which is why co-owner Brian Daly of The Invigory decided to bring salt therapy to the Charlotte, NC area. As we all know, people visit the seashores to unwind and relax. The salty air can also be very beneficial for a variety of skin conditions. Now, the natural benefits associated with the seashore, are readily available at The Invigory. A 45-minute session in our salt room can help reduce stress and improve quality of life. In addition, people with respiratory illnesses such as allergies and asthma can find relief by breathing in the rich, salty air.


The Invigory: Wellness center in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Brian Daly and his wife Helen Daly, owners of The Invigory Wellness Center, recently shared the origins of salt therapy. “Also known as halotherapy, dry salt therapy is relaxing and holistic — beneficial for people of all ages.” Since the 1800s, salt caves have been used to provide therapeutic benefits for adults and children. The idea of visiting salt caves as a wellness retreat began in Poland, as a noted physician discovered that salt cave miners had very little respiratory problems as compared to workers in other types of mines. German physicians rediscovered the value of salt therapy nearly 100 years later and the practice continued to spread across Eastern Europe before eventually migrating to the United States.

Exploring the Benefits of Salt Therapy

Just as a day at the spa is meant to be both a relaxing and invigorating experience, adding salt therapy to your wellness routine can boost the benefits provided by other spa treatments. Brian Daly from Invigory notes: “Visiting our salt therapy room strengthens your immune system by allowing your body to naturally heal itself. Our modern salt rooms only use high-quality pharmaceutical grade salt.” This type of drug-free therapy offers a plethora of benefits for respiratory illnesses and injuries, helping to increase lung capacity, cleanse and detox the lungs, and promote better breathing.

The Primary Characteristics of Salt Offers Many Therapeutic Benefits

Salt is naturally anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and super absorbent, which is why it is the ideal material to help soothe lung and breathing problems. The anti-inflammatory properties of salt help improve lung capacity by encouraging air passages to widen, resulting in higher oxygen intake and overall improvements to the immune system.Salt naturally helps to thin mucus and dissolve pollutants and bacteria that may be hiding in the lungs.

While salt therapy is relaxing on its own, Brian Daly and his wife Helen Daly often encourage guests to try additional treatments to enhance their overall wellness experience. After 45-minutes in the salt room, guests often follow-up with infrared sauna treatments to promote stress relief and boost immunity.