Infrared Sauna — A Luxurious Approach to Holistic Healing
Provided by Brian Daly and his wife Helen Daly, owners of the Invigory Wellness Studio in Charlotte, NC, the infrared sauna offers an experience far superior to that of a traditional sauna. Infrared panels installed throughout the room provide focused waves of energy that warms your body and not the air around you. An immune-boosting healthy sweat from the infrared sauna provides a deep sense of relaxation without the overwhelming heat or oppressive atmosphere.
Brian Daly of The Invigory Shares Benefits of Relaxing Infrared Sauna Room

“We are always looking for new ways to introduce wellness to the Charlotte community”, notes Brian Daly of The Invigory. “Our infrared sauna is in great demand as a holistic approach to pain relief and improved circulation. The health benefits increase dramatically when used on a regular basis.” The idea of saunas dates back to the days of ancient Rome. Cultures as diverse as Native Americans use sweat lodges and Asian cultures also boast similar mechanisms for purification of the body and mind.

Infrared Sauna Room is Ideal for Corporate Events or Bridal Showers

Soothing Warmth to Improve Healing After An Injury
One of the primary uses of heat therapy is to help joints or injuries heal. Over time, our muscles and joints lose critical elasticity. The application of heat improves blood circulation thus boosting the body’s natural healing capacity. Our entire body benefits from the healing warmth from an infrared sauna, which in turn strengthens our immune response to illness. Reducing inflammation and removing toxins from the body after an infrared sauna session brings a rejuvenated glow to the skin and help athletes recover more quickly after a tough workout.